FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL have perfected the composition of its beads, having the improvement of the life of the plunger and shot sleeve in mind.
Here are a few facts which serves to explain why FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL’s Beads are unique, and why they differ from all other products on the market:

Capillary Effect:
The moment the beads start melting inside the shot sleeve, they become liquid and start spreading and penetrating the cavity between the plunger and sleeve, ultimately improving lubrication.
All the other beads on the international market are based on polyethylene wax; they smoulder inside the shot sleeve in isolated bubbles and don’t spread. The reason is the high melt viscosity of the wax. (reference is made to the Fochem video on YouTube)

Graphite Content:
The graphite contents of Fochem’s beads are very high. Therefore the amount of beads per shot of aluminium can be reduced. Ultimately there are less volatiles, and this has a positive effect on the casting porosity.
Higher graphite contents also means better protection of the shot sleeve against the abrasion of the aluminium smelt.
Examples of graphite contents: Isolat 70 G = 7 %, Isolat 80 G = 19 %, Isolat 80 GG= 30 %. The polyethylene-based bead on the market have max. 5,5 %.

Furthermore, the FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL Beads are perfectly round, free flowing (anti-static) and dust-free. The wax composition is free from aromatics, and the fumes emanating during the casting process don’t pose a health hazard. A “perfect bead” can only function, if the dispenser that is applying the beads, is just as advanced.

Because the beads dispensers on the international market had too many weaknesses, our German sister company TRIBO-CHEMIE developed a precision engineered machine, called the “Beads Dispenser 3 D”. This equipment, in conjunction with the FOCHEM beads, insures a reliable and precise application at all times.

Isolat 80 G 19 %
Isolat 70 G 7 %
Isolat 80 GG 30 %