The “Beads Dispenser 3D” is a digital beads dosing machine offered to the Die-Casting industry, manufactured by our associate company TRIBO-CHEMIE GmbH in Germany.

It is equipped with a technologically advanced dosing head, providing extremely accurate process assurance. Regarding the quantity of variations, very small amounts can be precisely dosed. The digital display enables the machine operator to easily monitor the process. The amount of air, as well as the spray time can be modified digitally.

The “Beads Dispenser 3D” can either be operated manually or it can be linked to the electronics of the die-casting machine. All positions and movements of the pneumatically operated dosing arm can be adjusted 3 – dimensionally.

We assure that you will not have to deal with any problems relating to blockages of the dosing tubes or fluctuating dosing amounts. The entire operation of the “Beads Dispenser 3D” is reliable, precise and the work environment remains clean.