SUNLUBE INDIA PVT. LTD. provides solution for all your needs for spraying or applying lubricants through latest technologies and innovative ideas.

  • Water Based Hot Forging Die Lubricants with Graphite.
  • Water Based Hot Forging Die Lubricants without Graphite(Synthetic Based Lubricants).
  • Oil Based Hot Forging Die Lubricants.
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Spraying Equipments

SUNLUBE INDIA PVT. LTD.'s provides exclusive range of Spraying Equipment,

  • Robust Durable Design
  • Equipped With a top Outlet
  • Manual Auto Agitation
  • Funnel Assembly Provided
  • Tank Size 5,9,22,45,75 & 100 Ltr
  • Maximum Working Pressure 8 Bar
  • Air Inlet 1/4″ Bsp
  • Liquid Outlet 3/8″ Bsp
Spraying Equipments with Open Tank Application